​Active Collab: How Collaboration Should Have Been All Along

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Collaboration differs from team to team. All teams eventually discover their own unique workflow, although the way in which teams implement those workflows is fundamentally similar. Let’s take file uploads as an example. Designers will upload their designs, writers will upload their writings. Regardless of what the team does, it’s a safe bet that they’ll use file uploads.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a designer, a writer, a marketer, or whatever: the best collaboration tools are those that master the core features — task management → feedback → time-tracking → invoicing. Enter Active Collab.

Powerful yet simple, Active Collab helps your team stay organized when you outgrow email, allowing you to manage tasks effectively, collaborate alongside your clients and delegate when necessary — think Trello, but with calendars, time-tracking and invoicing features built right in.

All Features in One Place

Whatever your team does, Active Collab has your back, allowing you to manage tasks from conception to completion. After estimating, time-tracking and collaborating on tasks, you can then issue invoices to clients when the tasks are complete — all in a single app. Project management works best when these features work cohesively, reducing (or even outright removing) friction which normally occurs when the required functionality is spread far and wide across various apps. With Active Collab, all of the management tools are united under one subscription.

A seamless experience is a happy (and productive) experience!

Active Collab Kanban

Task Management

Run your business like a well-oiled machine. Stay organised start to finish with advanced to-do lists, and manage your team’s progress every step of the way. While Active Collab has all the functionality you’ll ever need — time and expense tracking, file uploads, discussions and more — team members will only see what they need to see with their own unique dashboard.

Personalised dashboard

Team Collaboration

Collaboration simply doesn’t work without communication. Luckily, Active Collab helps teams connect with @mention functionality, collaborative writing tools, and an easy-to-read calendar that ensures that you’ll never miss a deadline.

It’s time to ditch email. Active Collab ensures that your messages are treated as actionable tasks with due dates, and not inbox items that become weighted down and lost by mid-afternoon.

Time Tracking

With Active Collab, you can set hourly rates for the different types of work that your team does, and have the Active Collab Timer app record your hours automatically. While you focus on the task at hand, Active Collab does the rest, leaving you with the peace of mind that clients are being billed accurately, and, of course, saving you from the hassle of having to track time manually (which, ironically, can be very time-consuming!)

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