12 of the Best Dribbble Designers to Follow

Most designers, whether they’re web designers, mobile app designers or graphic designers, are familiar with Dribbble. This powerhouse designer community is not only a social network of creative artists, but it’s also a magnificent hub of endless inspiration, and some of the best Dribbble designers also offer free design resources.

While Dribbble’s invite-only membership system has been criticized, there’s no doubt that this barrier has helped to maintain a high level of quality amongst its members. You’ll certainly find an abundance of talented designers!

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Alternatively, you can try to get drafted using Draft.im or Cribbble.

First, let’s take a look at 12 of the best Dribbble designers to follow.

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1. Leo Leung

Specialty: Web/App Design, Motion Graphics and Front-End Development.

Leo Leung Motion Graphics

At a whopping 15,000+ Dribbble followers, it’s not hard to understand why Chinese artist Leo Leung makes this list. With a keen eye for web and app design, and as a specialist in motion graphics and front-end development, his is top-notch.

Leung’s Dribbble shots showcase what he’s capable of as he elegantly demonstrates his love for motion design with smooth, animated GIFs. For those who’re into app and motion design, Leo Leung is certainly a designer worth following on Dribbble. Bonus Points: While Leo doesn’t offer free design resources, he does at times hold Dribbble invite giveaways.

2. Nick Slater

Specialty: Graphic Design, Icon/Logo Design, Branding and Illustration.

Nick Slater Patterns for Asana

Nick Slater Logo Design

You don’t have to be into app design to thrive on Dribbble, as California-native Nick Slater boldly demonstrates with his 66,000+ followers. With a strong understanding of design, his illustrations are rather eye-catching too. His use of color and clean line work adds flavor to everything he makes! Whether Nick’s designs make the cut or not, he always shares his creations with his followers — designer, illustrator and Dribbble superstar Nick Slater is in a league of his own!

3. Shawna X

Specialty: Visual Design and Illustration.

Shawna X Illustration for Adobe

Shawna X Colorful Illustration

Eye-candy design and flat-style visuals might not be your thing, which makes Shawana X a breath of fresh air on Dribbble. Although she may not have as many followers as Leo Leung and Nick Slater, she more than deserves a mention on this list. With her vibrant and rich illustrations, her work is a sight to behold! Injecting a plethora of color into every design, Shawna has worked with a host of big-name clients, including Adobe, Nike, Vice and Refinery 29 (to name a few!).

When she’s not working as a visual designer, she’s teaching Mobile Design at Parsons.

4. Aurelien Salomon

Speciality: Interaction, UI/UX and Web Design.

Aurelien Salomon Web Design

French UI/UX designer Aurelien Salomon is one of those exceptionally talented designers who bring their own flavor into their work. Aurelien’s designs are pretty fresh and it’s obvious that he’s quite innovative with his UI/UX, as he always looks to find ways to incorporate more interactive features. It’s probably why he’s already racked up 22,000+ followers on Dribbble and has managed to work with clients such as Apple and Google. Those who are interested in UI, UX and even AR (Augmented Reality) motion will certainly find some inspiration in Aurelien Salomon’s stunning design work.

Bonus Points: Salomon, although seemingly always busy, does make an effort to release freebies to his followers whenever he can. He also has a few items for purchase on Creative Market (fun fact: Dribbble and Creative Market have partnered to allow Dribbble designers to sell their design resources via Dribbble more easily).

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