5 Best WordPress Site Builders for the Technically Challenged

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As an entrepreneur or innovator, you know that great ideas are rare and time-sensitive. Which is why you likely don’t have the time to wait weeks or even months to launch your campaign or businesses’ website. Luckily, some of the great technical minds have engineered WordPress website builders that take even the most novice internet user to website building pro in days or even hours.

Much like WordPress themes, builders are in great abundance and vary even more so in quality. Which is why this article aims to dissect the five best WordPress website builders and outline how you can use them to build an elegant, custom, and fully functioning website fast.

1. Divi

Divi is arguably the most popular WordPress builder on the market right now. With their attractive design and impressive range of features, it is no surprise it has made the list. But at its core what makes it so attractive?

  • The theme is meticulously updated and new features are released very regularly.
  • It’s a front-end developer tool meaning whatever you build is what your visitor sees.
  • It utilizes a drag-and-drop builder, making it perfect for non-technical site developers.


Some WordPress builders are plugin-based and others are theme-based. Divi is theme based meaning you get a theme for your WordPress site and a builder for the price of one.

Divi comes with a multitude of layouts and as such can range from being an eCommerce store, an agency website, a photography portfolio, a blog, a news site, and more. It can be just about anything you can dream up.

The Divi Builder has a great UX which makes it easy to navigate and straightforward to use. You would create a page like you normally do, but instead of opening the editor to start messing with HTML and CSS you would click the big purple button aptly labeled “Use The Divi Builder”.


You get the option to create different sections of your site that visitors will scroll through to view your content in the modules you desire. These modules are drag and drop and fully customizable down to size and unique color palette.


The modules have simple titles to make the build process straightforward and customizing a breeze. Just drag-and-drop a Blurb to add customer testimonials or grab Call To Action to create compelling buttons and sections for newsletter signups or buy now buttons.


The end result is a beautiful, completely custom, and responsive website that looks like an ad agency designed it for thousands of dollars. To preview sites built with Divi (like the one below) or try it for free visit Divi’s gallery on the Elegant Themes website.


Website built with Divi Builder

2. Layers

Layers is another plugin based WordPress builder that employs drag-and-drop functionality making it ideal for maximum customization and a user-friendly experience. The creators of Layers sought to create a builder so intuitive that you would be a “pro” the first time you used it. Beyond the obvious, why does Layers stand out in the crowded WordPress builder space?

  • Behind the scenes of the Layers theme, you get an intelligent HTML structure that optimizes your site for the high search ranking results
  • Layers is ideal for shopping sites because it comes prefabbed to play well with WooCommerce, the most popular eCommerce platform on the market.
  • It has a point-and-click interface, much like its top tier competition which makes it incredibly simple for a novice to build bold and beautiful websites.
  • It’s free to download and use on your WordPress theme


Layers Builder in action

Layers makes it easy and affordable to get up and running quickly with their low-cost themes. Combine one of their themes with their free builder and you have the recipe for a truly great website. To gain even further functionality, you have to spend roughly twice the price for their Layers Pro package which gives you premium options like resizing your logo, sticky headers, greater color customization, and more (see below).



Website built with Layers Builder

If you’re ready for alluring (like the site above), highly customizable, and arguably the most user-friendly theme on the market then check out the Layers theme.

3. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a standalone WordPress plugin that gives you the versatility of working with any theme you choose. You don’t have to waste any time wrestling with your WordPress editor or tweaking lines of HTML to build mobile friendly websites that look great.

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