5 Top Development Tools that Will Help You Do More in Less Time

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A web developer’s life is often a rewarding one. But having your superior breathing down your neck might be not that encouraging. This is especially if he is demanding you to do more in less time. It can at times drive you nearly to the edge.

Those who are not actually doing the work sometimes forget how complex this job is. Building a connected IoT solution using hardware can be quite hard. With the right software, however, tasks such as these can then be a lot easier.

Here are some solutions we’ve gathered together that do just that. If you need a development tool to revamp an eCommerce site, you are in the right place. The same goes for the case if you simply want to learn more about the process and available tools. Our findings are based on site ranking, reviews, and overall value.

1. monday.com


One way to make your life easier, and do so quickly, is to invest in a quality team management tool. Although the meaning of quality can vary from user to user, it typically addresses overall performance, flexibility, and an absence of bothersome restrictions or limitations.

monday.com scores a perfect 10 on all three counts. Besides being beautiful, colorful, and intuitive to use, this team management tool provides a platform that a team simply cannot do without whether it’s a team of two or a distributed team of hundreds or thousands of developers and other project stakeholders.

monday.com provides a valuable service by making a project’s workflow perform smoothly and efficiently. Just as importantly, it promotes transparency, team collaboration, and empowerment of individual team members.

It also centralizes processes and it helps connect people to those processes, which is important if not essential in preventing tasks from falling through the cracks and causing problems that can range from bothersome to devastating. More than 35,000 teams, from startups to Fortune 500 companies make up monday.com’s user base.

2. Waypoints


Waypoints is one of those must-have tools that you’d want to have in your toolbox if you are looking for the perfect way to facilitate scrolling animations and interactions. Considering the popularity of these elements in the modern website layouts and the fact that Waypoints is a free plan – you should definitely get your hands on it.

This flexible tool is the library that makes executing a function whenever you scroll to an element a breeze. It is available for jQuery, Zepto or in vanilla JavaScript. With Waypoints, you will be able to include the JavaScript file to the website, thanks to its module’s administration interface. Also, this useful plugin features an extensive base for UI patterns that vary depending on a user’s scroll position on the page.

Waypoints also has some extensions that enable the easier implementation of the common UI patterns. These include Infinite Scrolling, Sticky Elements and Inview Detection.

3. AND CO From Fiverr

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