5 Ways to Use WordPress to Provide Exceptional Customer Support

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Whether you develop web apps, sell WordPress plugins and themes, or run an online store, offering great customer support is essential for success. Do it well, and you’ll have happy customers and set yourself apart from your competitors. Do it badly, and it will come back to bite you.

Make support easy. Develop a comprehensive system, give your users multiple ways to contact you, and respond to support requests in an acceptable time frame. Aim to surpass their expectations.

How do you achieve that?

WordPress makes a great platform for your support system. There are over 10,000 support-related plugins that enable you to set up ticketing systems, live chat, support forums, frequently asked questions, and more. Some plugins just about do the lot.

But 10,000 plugins is a lot to wade through. In this article we bring you the best-in-class plugins in five categories—plugins we recommend that are widely used and highly rated by their users.

You may not want to implement all five categories in your support system. As you read through this article, think through which make the most sense for your business.

1. All-in-One Support Plugins

Here’s one way to simplify your support system. Rather than choosing a different plugin for each strategy, install one plugin that covers all the bases.

Awesome Support – WordPress Helpdesk & Support Plugin

  • Cost: Basic plugin free, extensions available individually or in bundles (from $199)
  • Active Installs: 5,000+
  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (81 reviews)

This comprehensive plugin will do just about everything you need for support, except chat. The basic functionality is free, but some of the features you may want cost.

Awesome Support is the most versatile and feature-rich support plugin for WordPress. It’s the result of three+ years of work, research, and improvement. The features are an answer to user requests for a solid, WordPress-based help desk, and that’s what makes it the best!

Features of the free plugin include:

  • Ticketing: Users can submit tickets from the front-end, and your agents respond to them from the WordPress back-end.
  • E-mail notifications: Parties are notified of certain actions by customisable e-mails.
  • File upload: You control when files can be uploaded, how many files, and how large they are.
  • Multiple products: Provide support for as many products as you want.
  • Multiple departments: Provide support for multiple departments.
  • Terms & conditions: Ask users to agree to your your terms and conditions before they open a ticket
  • Old tickets: Identify old tickets quickly with tags
  • Sorting And Filtering: Includes an amazing flexible sorting, filtering and tagging system for your tickets
  • Prioritize your way: Create your own priority scheme – you don’t have to get locked into a 1-5 priority scheme!
  • Time Tracking: Basic time tracking is included! Admins can even adjust time and all time changes are logged directly in the ticket.

Popular premium extensions:

  • E-Mail Piping: Reply to tickets and collaborate using just e-mail.
  • WooCommerce: Bridge between your WooCommerce store and Awesome Support.
  • Canned Responses: Preconfigure replies to common questions.
  • Gravity Forms: Create custom ticket forms.
  • Satisfaction Survey: Automatically collect survey responses that rate your agent’s performance on a ticket.
  • FAQs: Powerful FAQ management make your agents more productive.
  • Notifications: Get notified of important events in slack and via pushbullet. Notify third parties of important ticket events via email.

Other popular support plugins include Zendesk Support for WordPress and WP MUDEV Support System Plugin.

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