7 Astonishing Artists and Designers to Follow on Behance

Our #1 design writer, Gabrielle Gosha, talks about the most astonishing artists and designers to follow on Behance when you need an inspiring creativity boost. Here’s her top 7.

Bob Dylan once said:

“Inspiration is hard to come by. You have to take it where you find it.”

So…if you’ve ever struggled to find design inspiration, whether that’s for visual design or for improving UX, you’re not alone. Luckily for us, finding design inspiration and creative solutions for solving UX can be accomplished in only a few clicks these days, and one of these online goldmines is Adobe’s very own design community, Behance.

Behance targets the global market more so than Dribbble. Photographers, illustrators, art directors and designers will certainly find an abundance of astonishing Behance Projects amongst the many talented designers that Behance houses, to wet their whistle and to help the much needed creative juices flow—the artists and designers below are only the tip of the iceberg, and Behance also has a rather sophisticated search function for when you’re looking for something quite specific.

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1. Claudio Araos Marincovic

Claudio Araos Marincovic on Behance

  • Specialty: Art Direction, Graphic Design and Illustration

Art direction isn’t regarded as important as UI/UX when it comes to web design, but when it comes to marketing for, say, film, animation, video games or advertising, it’s a huge deal and an important step towards effective visual design and branding.

Chile-based art director Claudio Araos Marincovic excels in this department. His stylized interpretations and conceptual renderings make for not only visual eye-candy, but also teaching tools for other visual artists hoping to learn from the best. Marincovic has flexed his skills in a variety of ways, but most notably (and impressively) with his work for HBO, TVN and ABC.

Showtime — Masters of Sex Titles by Claudio Araos Marincovic on Behance

2. Dennis Schafer

Dennis Schafer on Behance

  • Specialty: Motion Graphics, UI/UX, Art Direction

Motion graphics and CG animation seems to be the name of the game when it comes to Dennis Schafer’s stunning creative work. A self-taught artist straight out of Munich, Germany, Schafer shows us that it takes willpower, a vivid imagination, and exceptional attention-to-detail to compose eye-catching sci-fi visuals (that are usually animated). From art direction to conceptual realization and interaction design, Schafer has quite the skilled hands to help bring complex ideas to life, including one that had his work featured at the Volkswagen Motorshow 2017.

  • Standout Project: URBS

URBS by Dennis Schafer on Behance

3. Osborne Macharia

Osborne Macharia on Behance

  • Specialty: Commercial Art and Photography

Fantastic web designers understand the true power that lies within photography, and true artists know how to create captivating images from behind the lens. Enter Kenyan artist and photographer, Osborne Macharia. With a style that he calls Afrofictionism, this self-taught creative blends together fiction, identity and culture to tell stories entwined with gorgeous color, strong lighting and visual storytelling.

MAGADI by Osborne Macharia on Behance

4. Yungsub Song

Yungsub Song on Behance

  • Specialty: Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is about more than phantom HUDs and designing funky animations for mobile apps. Motion graphics can work as a storytelling element, especially when it comes to show titles, and this where Korean motion artist Yungsub Song really shines. Yungsub is a talented guy—he’s spent his creativity on the Westworld and American Gods main title animations, and also the color grading on the Far Cry: Primal trailer. All three are only a few of the projects that Yungsub has worked on, when he’s not in the midst of some other awesome freelancing gig.

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