A Microsoft Evangelist’s Favorite Chrome Extensions

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Yes I’m a Microsoft Evangelist and in my day-to-day browsing, I use Chrome Canary. I want to see the latest and greatest emerging standards and experimental features. It will occasionally have display / graphical issues, so I’ll have to revert to standard Chrome, but after a few weeks the issues seem to be resolved. My main development machine is a late-2013 MacBook Pro. I’m on the road (AKA flying) constantly, and I need a strong laptop with discrete graphics, and also allows me to work on every mobile platform, so this does the trick.

On my Windows 10 machine, I use Microsoft Edge. It’s lightweight and incredibly fast, but still missing some features for me to make it my day-to-day browser as a web developer, but for browsing content I haven’t run into many issues – in fact, the JavaScript rendering is wicked fast. I do test all my web apps for Edge because Windows 10 is growing rather fast, 110+ devices. I tried installing Win 10 on my Mac, but the SSD was failing. Oddly enough, Windows 8 and 10 both detected it, but OS X didn’t. It wasn’t until I brought it into the Apple store and they ran their in-store diagnostics that it was picked up. Even the diagnostics tool built into OS X couldn’t detect it. Odd.

Considering most of my day is spent in the browser, I need extensions to help me get the most of my work. For that, I use a number of extensions in Chrome. Microsoft Edge has also announced support for JS-based extensions while removing legacy features like Active-X and conditional comments. Bear in mind, extensions can not only pose a security hazard, but also occasionally offer a ton of overhead, both in terms of CPU but especially RAM, as they all run as each tab in Chrome runs as its own process, and brings a separate instance of each extension. That means if I have 10 tabs open, and 10 extensions, then I can have some serious overhead!

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