Can Symfony Apps Be Fast on Vagrant? Let’s Check with SuluCMS!

In this short tutorial, we’ll set up Sulu and optimize on a Vagrant environment. Why a dedicated tutorial handling this? Besides the fact that Sulu has a rather complex initialization procedure, it is based on Symfony which is infamously slow on virtual machines with shared filesystems, and thus needs additional optimizations post-install. The performance hacks in this post, while Sulu-specific, can be applied to any Symfony application to make it faster on Vagrant.

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As usual, we’ll be using our Homestead Improved box as the base, but the steps below are explained in enough detail for you to follow them on any environment.

New Box and Folder Sharing

We start by downloading a fresh box and setting up folder sharing.

git clone hi_sulu
cd hi_sulu; bin/

Once this is done, it’s recommended to set the file sharing type to nfs, due to this known issue, also described here.

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