Deploy & Manage Multiple WordPress Sites with ServerPilot


Do you create and manage multiple Virtual Private Servers (VPS) with multiple WordPress sites on them for your company or your clients, or even for your own projects? ServerPilot might be just the tool you need to manage those servers, and to quickly deploy WordPress to them.

ServerPilot allows you to deploy applications to your virtual private servers without having to handle the command line setup of a web server to acquire the files you need, set up a database, and deploy WordPress. You can deploy the environment, and then upload your own files to create a PHP, JavaScript, or plain HTML app, but in the case of WordPress sites in particular, this process is amazingly smooth.

Who Should Use ServerPilot?

Anyone who manages multiple WordPress installations on various hosts — especially if you are a developer who also provides hosting services, whether for your own sites and projects, for clients, or even for your projects at work! The rapid nature of ServerPilot deployments eliminates a lot of the costly time issues involved with setting up your own web servers and deploying WordPress. With some experience using a hosting service that provides VPS options, and with ServerPilot, you can spin up a new server and have a working WordPress installation on it in moments.

Setting up a Server

Setting up a server to be managed by ServerPilot is a simple process. Take a look below to follow along!

1. Set up a VPS

Get an account with the hosting provider of your choice that offers Virtual Private Servers, and go ahead and purchase one. Some are monthly fees, others bill for hourly usage. Obviously you’ll be looking for what is best for your specific project.

Get the root password, but don’t make any other changes to the server or set up any packages or applications. Leave the server “clean”, as ServerPilot would say.

2. Create Your ServerPilot Account

You’ll be brought to the welcome screen.

ServerPilot Welcome Screen

3. Add Your First Server to ServerPilot

Once you click to create your first server, you’ll see a screen similar to this one:

ServerPilot - Connect a Server

Fill in your server’s IP, root password, and your desired password for the ‘serverpilot’ user that will be set up there. That’s that! If all has gone well, your server is now ready for you to begin creating apps on it.

Deploying Your App

Deploying an app is pretty quick too. You’ll go to apps, then create an app. You should get the app creation screen:

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