Design and Collaborate More Effectively with Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams

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Adobe has all the tools for a professional graphic design, web design or photo-editing studio to create amazing work. Their products have been the flagship products for each of these fields for decades. As a solo designer, I’ve used them time and time again for creating graphics, editing images, and building websites. Many companies use Adobe products across departments and teams, because they are easy to use, and they increase interaction and productivity between team members.

Now Adobe has released a suite of tools and services built specifically to improve design teams’ collaboration and productivity, giving us all more time to focus on the creative process itself, rather than file administration and sharing.

Here are the main reasons I consider Adobe Creative Cloud for teams to be a game-changer for creative teams and working with clients.

File Sharing

One of the best features of Creative Cloud for teams is the ability to share files, folders and libraries with colleagues inside or outside of their organization. 

A problem I’ve often faced when working with clients and my own teammates is the added work of sharing our projects. Whether you work with a remote team, or you want to send a preview file to your client, there has always seemed to be a barrier, or added steps in the viewing and feedback process.

A team member can drop a file into their Adobe Creative Cloud Library. A Creative Cloud Library acts as a container where you store a given collection of assets. That Library can be share with other folks on your team so that the assets are used consistently. Even better, they are linked so that if one person modifies something in the Library (changing a logo from blue to red, for example), it’s automatically updated for everyone else who has access to that library. If team members are working together on a project, they can share those files. This keeps from having to use third-party software or large file transfer sites.

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