Even More WordPress Plugins for Writers

The life of a writer (whether author or copywriter) is generally quite misunderstood. Friends assume that you’ve landed the dream job. You don’t have to leave your lounge room to get to work. No pesky boss breathing down your neck. And, free from the constraints of the corporate world, you can take a four-hour lunch break every day if it so pleases you.

While all these things apply some of the time, people tend to forget that the life of a writer is often characterised by hour upon hour of staring into a flickering laptop screen. Desperately trying to find the right word, the perfectly poised phrase, the exact tone. For writers, the ability to make ends meet is quite often reliant upon an intangible, un-controllable quality — inspiration. If writers are unable to transform an idea into words, they simply don’t make money.

So, on that rather depressing note, I thought it would be a gesture of solidarity amongst the online writing community to follow up on my article, The Best WordPress Plugins for Writers and Writing and provide details of a few more WordPress Plugins designed to make the life of the online writer just that smidgen easier.

Revive Old Post

Revive Old Post

This plugin automatically uploads your old blog posts onto your Twitter feed, saving you from the embarrassment of having to spruik your old copy just to keep it relevant. It also helps to optimize your Twitter feed and save it from dying a slow, painful death because you simply don’t have the time to update it (or got so wrapped up in drafting your novel that you forgot!). With over 80,000 active installs, and regular updates, this plugin could become a key tool in any writer’s social media arsenal.

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