Generate Barcodes with JRuby and Barcodes4J


Ruby has a very vibrant ecosystem that provides solutions for almost all common problems. But one particularly lagging area is barcode generation. Ruby only has solutions for generating QR Codes, which are undoubtedly popular, but do not enjoy mass acceptance in industry segments. Older barcode symbologies, such as Code 128, DataMatrix, and PDF417, enjoy more acceptance in business applications than QR Codes. What should we do if need to generate a Code 128 in a Ruby/Rails application?

Fortunately we have a solution: JRuby. JRuby allows us to leverage excellent Java libraries and use them in Ruby applications. One such library is Barcode4J which is popular in the Java world for generating barcodes. Today, we will learn how to integrate and use Barcode4J in Ruby. So, let’s get started.

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