Hosting: What are Multi-Domain and Reseller Plans?

Many web developers and agencies choose to handle hosting for their clients. This provides a number of benefits to both parties:

  • Few clients understand the implications of hosting — that’s why they hired you!
  • Clients are less likely to break their systems if you have control of DNS, databases and email.
  • Charging fees above the actual hosting cost provides a regular income.
  • The client has less reason to go elsewhere.
  • You have more leverage in the event a client fails to pay bills.
  • You could consider offering hosting services to anyone — not just your own clients.

Of course, it may not be as practical or lucrative as you expect…

  • Hosting can become a full-time job. Few developers want to spend their days configuring systems.
  • The service becomes your responsibility. Be prepared for 3am support calls when someone can’t access their email.
  • Any profits can be wiped out if you encounter hosting or support issues.

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