How Can I Use WordPress for eCommerce?

So, you love WordPress, and want to launch an eCommerce site. You can do just about anything with WordPress. Should it be used for eCommerce, or is it better to use something designed from top to bottom for online shopping, like Magenta, Prestashop or OpenCart?

There are a wide range of eCommerce solutions out there, both hosted and self-hosted that are worth considering. But by adding an eCommerce plugin to WordPress, you get the same range of online shopping features, plus the familiarity and power of WordPress.

For most people, there are two WordPress eCommerce solutions I recommend. Many people would agree with me, since they’re two of the most popular options out there, powering half of the world’s online stores. They’re different, and appeal to different people—and one of them will likely appeal to you.

But they’re not the only options. If your needs are a little different, or you don’t like to follow the crowd, or you prefer to research all the options before making a choice, I’ve included a list of other alternatives.

So, which WordPress eCommerce solution is for you? Read on to find out.

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