How Hitting the Books Can Help Your Business

Andrew Hardwick is the Managing Director of Hard Edge, a creative agency focusing on innovative brand communications. With clients including Mercedez Benz, Mercer and Telstra, Andrew was the ideal person to share his thoughts on how entrepreneurs can continue to learn and grow while still staying focused on their business.

Why Knowledge Equals Growth

The biggest goal everyone is trying to kick when in start-up mode is all about winning new business. After all, it’s the whole point of what you do, right? It’s your why, it’s your inspiration and, let’s face it, it’s what’s going to keep the business afloat.

Being focused and dedicated is a key part of a successful business. But if you’re not careful, that dogged determination can quickly morph into tunnel vision and leave you blind to opportunity. It’s why the thing all start-ups, sole traders and bigger business have in common is a willingness to ask questions and learn from others.

Andrew Hardwick might now be the Managing Director of the successful creative agency Hard Edge but, like everyone else, he had to start somewhere.

When starting out as a sole trader, armed with a graphic design background and a passion for cars, he says he was “intent and focused on finding the next gig and getting new work”. Yet he’s the first to admit that he had no plan and wasn’t strategically thinking about his next move.

This realization led him to recognize that he was lacking experience in some areas of his business and, if he was going to succeed, he had better work out how to fill in the knowledge gaps.

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