How to Create Websites with Slides, a Developer-Friendly Tool

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Let’s start with this scenario. You need to create a fantastic website for your client, you want to do so quickly, and your client is hoping for the same.

How about creating a website from scratch with HTML and CSS? It’s an option, but it also takes too much time – not to mention effort.

Slides offers a different approach for web designers, and developers as well.

What’s so different about Slides? Read on.

1. Slides: A Unique Approach to Creating Websites

Slides is an advanced static website builder that is easy to use. It’s unique in the sense that it’s unlike any website builder you’ve likely used before.

Slides lets you customize your design as you’re creating it. When you have the design you want, you can customize it even further if you wish.

It’s simply a matter of selecting slides you want to use. Then, you can add panels, features, and settings, and download the result.

Do you have additional customizations in mind? It’s simply a matter of opening the HTML file and using your favorite code editor. You can add features you or your client might want.

With Slides 4, you can create designs that fit right in with the latest trends. You can also add your own custom scripts, and incorporate a host of other improvements.

2. Slides Features

  • A powerful generator to do the heavy lifting. The Slides Generator is a tool that makes it easy for you to create a high-quality, animated website. You can create a retina-ready, responsive website in minutes. The app gives you the capability to export ready-to-use code.
  • 180+ slides to choose from. Pick a layout to start from and mix and match slides to create your website, exactly as you envisioned it.
  • Powerful modules. Modules that are easy to set up and customize contribute to making page-building a quick and easy task. The Slides Framework’s handful of powerful modules do just that.

  • Development made easy. Development becomes a much easier task when you’re not starting from scratch. All the important stuff has already been built and is ready for you to customize to fit your needs.
  • Popular integrations. Intercom, MailChimp, Typeform, Google Maps, SoundCloud, just to name a few. This great collection of integrations will take your selling capabilities to the next level.

3. How to Use Slides

Everything starts with the Generator. It is an intuitively-designed tool that will save you hours of work. Although the Generator is easy to work with, you’ll find the links to its manual.

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