How to Get Started with Marketing Automation for Free


It’s one thing to get leads from your website, but it’s another to expect them to suddenly become customers. This is where marketing automation can automatically nurture your leads and close them as customers. Marketing automation systems convert existing leads into customers with relevant, targeted messages that get results. 

Once you’ve collected and nurtured those leads, marketing to different groups based on demographics, preferences, and behavior can be quite challenging. This is where marketing automation systems come in. You build a strategy for each group that is supported by the right tools to put your marketing automation in action.

But is marketing automation the right system to improve your results? Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you have an established lead generation funnel?
  2. Do you have a steady flow of new leads?

If your answers to both questions are “no,” consider developing an inbound marketing strategy — one that will help you attract visitors to your website and convert them into the leads you need to do marketing automation effectively. 

Consider also that people change jobs and email addresses as well as unsubscribe. So the question still remains… how will you continue to renew and grow your database? There are many free kinds of marketing software on the market but some cause headaches and just aren’t effective. Choosing a free and open source option is a good way to go, but which one will be most effective for your strategy and budget? Read on for six different types of free marketing automation systems and how they can grow your business effectively.


One of the more established marketing automation systems spearheaded by online marketing expert extraordinaire Alexander Scholingloff, SalesAutoPilot provides a comprehensive professional solution including Free and Starter packages. Market to each of your segmented lists with marketing-focused software that includes e-mails, text messages for the purposes of market research, automated processes, and online CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software services.

Each extra or add-on option increases the cost of the starter version so it’s best to price the free version against the total price of all the extras and commit to the exact marketing services you need to grow your business.

Note: An ecommerce module is offered with the free version, but if you are looking to upgrade an older ecommerce platform, do your research to see if all the newer marketing software can be integrated in your new ecommerce platform.


Jumplead offers a variety of free strategies that will help you nurture those paid leads into customers. This will give you a taste of how their marketing automation software can help grow your business. With 100 emails to choose from, you can target your list by defining the topics and the tone of the emails you send based on their industries.  


If you’re looking to scale your business with real-time strategies, consider Leadsius, one of the most comprehensive and robust automation systems for free. Leadsius also offers strategies to help segment the needs of your audience such as planning a content strategy. For example, if a number of your subscribers are drawn to blog content, you might create more blog content in an effort to draw more people to your website.

If you need to segment to more than 2,500 contacts, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid subscription model which starts at $295 a month, but the difference in premium and free accounts is limited to the number of users, not the number of contacts in the database.


If you’re a business evaluating the opportunities with marketing automation, consider the free version of the InTouch system whose mission is to “put business on autopilot.” They even offer a business accelerator test to help you evaluate what kind of marketing automation services will put you on this path.

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