Interview: How to Teach Audio Skills with WordPress

Björgvin Benediktsson is a musician, audio engineer and writer based in the US. Beside his own audio projects, he helps other musicians create better music and promote themselves more effectively. How does he achieve this? WordPress!

> I’m an audio engineer, musician and entrepreneur. I help artists and entrepreneurs make a greater impact with their creations by teaching them how to produce or promote themselves on the web.

We caught up with Björgvin to discover how he has moulded WordPress into such a productive business tool. Read on to learn about the lessons he’s learned over the years, the plugins he’s currently using, and the plans he has for the future.

Hi Björgvin, congratulations on your growing online business! How has your website contributed to your success?

My main business website is Audio Issues where I help home studio musicians make a greater impact with their music by teaching them how to record, mix and produce. It’s where I post all my content and collect email subscribers. It’s basically my business hub—the place I lead everyone to.

I spend a lot of effort trying to convert traffic to subscribers, so I offer a lot of great exclusive content through email as well. It’s my full time business and I make a full time income from it.

I also have a portfolio website that acts as my personal website/portfolio as an entrepreneur, I also talk about business, work/life balance and entrepreneurship through my newsletter, 10Weekly.

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