Leave Your Competitors in the Dust with 280+ Pre-Built Websites

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Are you a freelancer? Then your pay often depends on finding clients who can provide you with a steady stream of work. The competition can be fierce, however. Moreover, clients can be picky about who they feel can be trusted to deliver a quality product.

Worrying about how other designers get lucrative assignments is a waste of time. It’s what you are doing to capture some of those assignments that counts, and it’s not as difficult as you might think.

These three strategies can help you. They can put you on the path to getting more clients who are eager to pay you handsomely for your work.

1. Build or Update Your Own Creative Website

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Freelance web designers need to have their own websites to publicize their skills. Being able to present clients with a gallery or portfolio of your work is key to getting more work. Yet having a portfolio, even an awesome one, isn’t necessarily enough.

You need to have your website’s visitors blown away by the user experience you’re able to provide. You want those prospective clients to see the features they would like to see in theirs. These include page load speed, SEO, navigation, and well-structured content.

Now they know who can do it for them!

2. Getting More Clients in Less Time

The strategy? It’s easier than you think. A problem you may face is that a range of clients represents a wide variety of industry niches. These also come with a variation of website types added into the mix.

In addition, these clients can have vastly different website requirements. It’s incumbent on you to be nimble enough to find an appropriate template or theme quickly. You should be able to deliver a product in hours, instead of days or weeks.

Do that, and you’re already a step or two ahead of the competition. Do it consistently, and before you know it, the competition will be the least of your concerns.

Be Theme gives you the flexibility you need to completely satisfy any client’s needs, and do so quickly. Be Theme’s pre-built websites address every single industry sector and business niche. It’s not all that difficult to create a beautiful website for a client the same day you get the go-ahead.

These pre-built website examples demonstrate why this is possible.



This is an excellent example for a creative client with a product or service to sell. You might even consider it as a starting point for your own creative website.

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