Podcast: Google Ventures on When Design Sprints Go Bad

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In 2016 Google Ventures (GV) design partner Jake Knapp released a seminal book called Sprint. The book introduced the idea of ‘Design Sprints’, a concept that had existed within Google for several years and was a mainstay in the toolset employed by GV with their portfolio of companies.

Jake Knapp

Jake Knapp – Google Ventures.

Many of you will have heard of Design Sprints and perhaps even read the book. Some of you may have even run one. The design community at large loved the idea and before long articles were popping up all over the web and consultancies were adding Design Sprints to their lists of services.

When Design Sprints Go Bad

The beauty of Jake’s book is that it is very specific, there is even a 15-page checklist for when you are running your own Design Sprints. However, this didn’t stop a swathe of folks from appropriating the name, but not the core ideas. This in turn meant is that acts were being committed under the name of Design Sprint but were not even remotely close to what Jake describes in Sprint.

The next domino to fall was the inevitable backlash announcing thatDesign Sprint are snake oil. In this episode of True North, we speak with Jake and Michael Margolis, a UX Research Partner at GV, about how design sprints were created, what they really are, and when they are best used.

Michael Margolis

Michael Margolis – Australia Post

We also visit the enterprise giant,Aus Post, speaking to a team lead where they ran 4 sprints in 5 weeks. Their story was featured on theSprint Stories blog.

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