Shared Server Hosting: the Pros and Cons

The range of hosting options has become bewilderingly complex during the past few years. The basics are simple: a computing device has software installed which can respond to a network event such as a request for a webpage. How that hardware and software is installed, configured, organised, packaged, promoted and sold is the primary difference between all hosting options.

Those running large websites or applications could opt for a dedicated server. This would provide a device for their sole use in a data center capable of handling with thousands of daily visitors and heavy processing.

However, a dedicated server is overkill for the vast majority of websites with a few dozen pages receiving a few hundred visitors per day. The cost would be prohibitive and the device would run idle most of the time. Shared hosting becomes a more viable option.

Web hosts such as SiteGround provide shared servers where you lease private space for your website. Many other companies will be leasing space on the same device so the processing, storage and costs are shared accordingly. In essence, it’s a dedicated server with multiple users.

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Source: Sitepoint