SmashingConf Toronto Videos

SmashingConf Toronto Videos

SmashingConf Toronto Videos

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The Smashing Toronto conference featured many of your favorite speakers, however, there was a difference. They had been asked to present without slides. In this pairing of videos discover sketching with Eva-Lotta Lamm and SVG Animation with Sarah Drasner.

How I Think When I Think Visually: Eva-Lotta Lamm

Sketching is something which lends itself perfectly to the no-slides format. In this talk, Eva-Lotta demonstrates her process for visual thinking. A method which helps her order her thoughts, create sketchnotes, and visualize processes such as user journeys.

SVG And Vue Together From Start To Finish: Sarah Drasner

In this talk, Sarah starts with only an Illustrator document and by the end, makes it move! In this talk, which has an included GitHub repository to help you follow along, Sarah uses animation and Vue.js to create the final piece.

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