Streamline Android Java Code with Kotlin

Released as an alternative to iOS, the first public version of Android was in 2008. It was Java based and supported Java 6, which at the time was the latest version. Two years passed and Java 8 arrived which brought cool new features including the Stream API, interfaces and the ability to use lambdas instead of SAM (Single Abstract Method).

Java 9 is on the horizon and Android developers are stuck using older versions of Java, meaning a lot of new features will be unavailable to them.

For Android developers there is now an alternative, Kotlin, a JVM language developed by JetBrains (the company behind IntelliJ and Android Studio). Like other JVM languages including Scala or Groovy, Kotlin is not officially supported by Android, but we can use it as a plugin. Building an application with a different JVM language will let you use new and different features than those available in Java 6.

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