Succeeding with Mobile Ads

For most developers, there comes a time when they need to evaluate theirmonetization approach and decide whether having in-app advertisements is theright fit for their app. If the answer is yes, and they want to move forwardwith ads, the next step is to evaluate what advertising mediation platformmakes sense for them to integrate.

What is an Ad Mediation Platform?
An ad mediation platform, simplifies advertising by allowingpublishers to integrate with a variety of ad networks or demand-sideplatforms (DSP) to maximize eCPM. These ad providers are placed on a waterfall,and will serve ads according to various thresholds you set. The greatestbenefit of using a mediator is that you only have to integrate any ad unitonce. Adding a new ad provider is as easy as adding a new SDK to your build.gradle or Podfile,and then adding adapter files. The mediation SDK will then use reflection to invoke our adapter files, which in turninvoke its respective ad SDK to display the ad.

Choosing which specific platform to use will depend on many factors suchas: platform support (iOS, Android, Unity), ad unit type availability (banner,interstitial, video), community support, and open-sourcing of client-side code.Some popular platforms include: MoPub, AerServ, Fyber,and AdMob.

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