The Web’s Most Annoying Dark Patterns

We have created a monster. Despite living and working on the web, many of us detest the ways in which the technology is abused. A few frustrations are inevitable but many techniques are malicious — if not edging on fraudulent. Other dark-patterns are just plain stupid.

Here is a list of my top web irritations. I won’t shame anyone directly but, when I encounter these, I’m tempted to give it all up and go live on a beach…

Web Page Bloat

I’ve complained many times but few developers care about page load times or performance. Average page weight reached 2,884kb in May 2017. That’s an average for content pages — not apps, not games, not social networks.

Is user experience improving by more than 20% every year? I think not.

Needless Multi-Page Articles

Splitting a long article into separate pages is fine. Splitting a short article into sentence-sized pages to increase your advertising impressions is not.

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Source: Sitepoint