WordPress Multisite Demystified

In this article, I’m going to cover a topic that doesn’t get a lot of love – WordPress multisite.

I recently attended a session at a WordPress Meetup where the presenters shared their experiences with multisite. A special mention goes to Dee Teal (@thewebprincess) and James Bundey (@jamesbundey) who presented on this topic, which has inspired this article.

I’ll provide an overview below on what WordPress multisite is, some examples of websites that currently use it, as well as some useful plugins and resources to get you started.

What Is WordPress Multisite

Multisite is described on the WordPress Codex as “very similar to your own personal version of WordPress.com”. It allows you to create a network of sites that share a single installation. You’ll also hear multisite referred to as a WordPress Network.

Who Uses Multisite

WordPress multisite is used by some very large sites, the biggest being WordPress.com which hosts millions of sites. It doesn’t get much bigger than that. Other popular sites include the BBC US (each show has a subsite), Reuters blogs, the New York Times blogs, as well as a large number of university sites. You can browse the multisite showcase over on WordPress.org for more examples.

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