Your Regular WordPress Maintenance Checklist

Brush your teeth. Pick up your socks. Make your bed. Wash the dishes. Life is full of lots of little jobs that aren’t particularly fun to do, but things get ugly if you don’t. Maintaining a website is just the same.

Here’s a collection of WordPress maintenance checklists for you. Do them regularly, and your site will be speedy and secure. Neglect them, and bad things may happen:

  • Your site may load as slow as treacle.
  • Important functionality might break into a hundred pieces.
  • Your visitors’ computers may be infected with malware.
  • Your site may be be delisted from search engines.

So keep on top of your maintenance. Do it regularly, and it won’t take long.

Everyone’s site is different, and your maintenance priorities will be different too. I’ve given you daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly/half-yearly and yearly lists. Feel free to adjust them to your needs. And rather than doing the big quarterly list in one sitting, you may prefer to tick two or three items each month.

Finally, if you have trouble getting motivated to do your WordPress housekeeping, try a plugin like Maintenance Checklist to streamline things.

That’s enough talk. Now get to work!

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